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52 {strangers}

ok.  there is a story behind this one, and even though i didn’t approach her,
she was still technically a ‘stranger’ so she counts!
and btw, ‘she’ is may.



while pehgi was shooting me during our creative outings day at the krohn…
i looked up and saw this beautiful woman looking over me (i was laying where you see her now),
who then immediately jumped in and helped ‘style’ our shoot!
in a matter of seconds she was totally in charge, rearranging my body parts, choosing angles and having us over for dinner to meet all her friends!!!
this is right out of a movie i’m telling you.
well, when we were finished with me, ‘may’ took my place in the blue shiny tumbled glass and said,
“it’s my turn!  make me look beautiful!”
how could we deny her!
well, i hope may thinks her ‘turn’ turned out beautiful.
so, may officially started out a complete stranger and ended up a new number on my cell phone.
you gotta luv it.

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