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52 {strangers}

i know that i should be working on all the things that i need to be working on and getting out….
but isn’t life all about stopping when something
really good is given to you?  no matter what ‘has’ to be done? i haven’t visited this self imposed project for…yeah, quite some time now.
why did i have more time, so it seamed, to work on my art projects, before?
does it just really seam that way or once we get ‘busy’ we just forget it’s there waiting for us to visit,
spend some time with.
sometimes we just need a nudge.
while i was shooting a session last week, this wonderful ~in a sad way~ man nudged.
he sauntered right into our session and sang,
gently performed, recited lyrics and quietly pleaded us for just a ‘little’ of our attention and time.
how happy i was to give him that. and in return, he gave me a kiss on my hand.
and a reminder to take time to stop in the middle of
our all so important and deadline filled days to smile and laugh
and feel good about the moment that is presented right now.
to give others the simplest of necessities, time . attention . humanness . acceptance . a little love… people.
funny, at the time we were so entertained by this man that after looking over the images later,
i couldn’t help but visualize him as a sad clown in a traveling circus. can you see it?
i’ve never liked clowns, but i like this one.

my sweet sad clown
stranger #4






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August 16, 2010 - 1:04 pm

Deborah Carr - He has such a peaceful face. I’m so glad he ‘nudged’ you and that you shared a bit of him with us.

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