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52 {strangers}

i love projects.  things to think about, things to work on.
it’s important to look at things from new perspectives and come away with fresh ideas.
now, trust me, it’s not that i have an abundance of time on my hands, but i do think it’s
important to keep learning and growing in every possible way.
so, as i was thinking about this and poking around online, i came across some great ideas!
these little ‘projects’ if you will, keep the creativity flowing.
here is the first of more to follow…
52 {strangers}
you can probably guess.  yup, you got it.  capturing strangers each week for 52 weeks.
how exciting!  how scary!  how daring!
i’m ready!!!!  are you???
ok…i am going to start with one that i took on key west last summer.
(only current images from here on out i promise;)
i thought of this image immediately.
i couldn’t help it. he was just…there!  and asleep!  perfect!
i loved it! how much fun!
thank you, stranger #1.


so, for the next 52 weeks, let’s see who we dare to meet!

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