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a little {flip, mini & accordion} book

here we go. i’m going to try really hard to get caught up. there is a lot, so be patient and be sure to
check in often as i’m going to post in sections.
the first….some cool new ‘leetle’ products! i’m super excited about this one in particular because it’s so darn cute!
i love it! i loved choosing the images, designing the pages, putting it all together and even photographing it.
well, actually them, i made two!

these really started out as a little way to showcase the childrens side of my business and are meant to be on display
in my studio and at childrens boutiques like my favorite, the spotted goose {love them and they will be.}
but, as i began working on them i got so excited and wanted one with my girls for myself.
as soon as i showed them to a couple mom friends…lucy! i’ve got some orders and more designing to do!
and really, i can’t wait…because they’re so flippin sweet!

these below were printed up as 5×7’s. 5×5’s would be fun too. i see them on the smaller/petite side, think of them as
mini portable scrapbooks. the images are mounted on mat board, so they’ve got body to them.
i used round key rings and ribbon to assemble these, but next time, maybe i’ll try some brads or clasps.
half the fun is choosing how to assemble and embellish them.
any ideas?
if you’d like to see/touch/hold them in person, they will be at my studio, for now.

petites filles

petits garcons

next in line of tiny treats is
a sweet little 4×4 flat hinged leather album, complete with a hip fabric cover.
i think this is the perfect aunt, uncle, grandparent, or in law gift!
these are all the quality you’d expect in a full sized album, just tinier!
did you recognize fancy and her boys?

another little goodie the studio is offering is the all of a sudden so popular mini accordion wallet books.
i can see why, but it’s so funny that i just ordered my first for a client and now i’m seeing them everywhere!
or is it truly a case of murphy’s law!
these are really the perfect tuck in your purse little album to keep a sampling of your session close to you.
the front and back are magnetized, so no open, flopping pages, the book stays nice and neat.
covers can be solid or customized with an image. lots of choices as usual!
did i mention sizes? 2.5×3.5 or 3×3. see, how cute!

yes, this is from the t family session.

yes, this is from the bebe grace’s mini session.

that’s it for now.
next up…gallery wraps!

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February 18, 2010 - 11:31 pm

Karen, Florida - Awesome product offerings! So stylish! All of them are a perfect way to show off your amazing work. Must haves!!!

February 19, 2010 - 9:34 am

Natalie - Gigi,
You never cease to amaze me….They are so beautiful. I’m ready to order!
<3 Natalie

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