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a studio session {with studio lights?}

there were a lot of emotional reasons for wanting a studio. but there were also very rational reasons for one too.
the weather. meeting with clients. hanging my work….i ‘do try’ to be rational when necessary.
so, the weather one. i do have three windows and a door in my doll sized playhouse and so that means there is some nice available light. but.
what about when it’s dark, or really overcast, or freezing or whatever? does that mean i have to use lights other than mother nature?
i love mother nature and all her luminous glory. but, what if? i remind you that i am a natural light photographer and proud of it! but, what if?
well, today i played around with some not natural lighting…aka…studio lighting.  i did go to school to study this years ago and have worked in
some pretty cool commercial studios over the years, so it’s not foreign to me, but i’m a natural light photographer, remember?
ok, here goes. it started out very familiarly. i set up some simple lighting and played around a bit. ok, so far. but now i needed some human bodies.
enter sophia and lily. god love them, i can always count on them! i moved some furniture around, the lights, a reflector and finally put them in place. i was ready.
one shot. stop and look. hmmm. change a little. look again. back the light off. look again. back it off wayyyy more. again. turn it off… perfect! what can i say?
i’ll get back to it…later.

absolutely nothing better than mother nature;) plus some little girlies, a little texture, toning and the general artsyness i like.

one with…


the rest without…









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August 12, 2009 - 10:04 pm

Dyah - Gina, I agree that the teal floor is great! Keep it! Thank you for the very kind comment on my blog..I would love to grab breakfast sometimes next week? Anytime Tuesday – Friday? I’ll send a message on FB with my phone number..:)

Always a fan of your portraits work!


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