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this post is a little different for me, but i’ve been absent for so long…who knew that once it really begins other things begin to stop. the culprit…time and balance. specifically, lack of it.
why? well…

‘business-wise’ ~ you, my clients/customers/friends have been so unbelievably gracious in asking me to document your families/children/teens/babies/businesses, it gives me goosebumps. i constantly pinch myself. it’s filled me with great joy and is truly humbling.
adding on to the studio has been so exciting and, yes, time consuming, but i love the colours, the feel, the light, the flea market finds, the soul. i have ‘other’ plans for it too. i will share later.
a gallery opening this past april filled with images that my good friend steve and i took of ‘street people’ was a whole new level of awareness, community, connection and growth for me. it was another reminder of how we are all one, really, and how joy radiates from within each of us, no matter our place, wallet, status or lack of.  a second showing will be in august, i’ll post details later. promise.
with even just these few things going on, new priorities begin to take shape. not necessarily the ones that i would chose, but the ones that need to be. as you can so painfully see, my blog entries have been sadly neglected. and it does make me sad, as i love to share what i, we {the studio} are doing and seeing and creating and loving.
other areas of my life have felt the void as well.

‘personally-wise’ ~ my ‘must be organized’ side of me is beyond a point i have ever experienced, really. time with my girlfriends {i miss my friends}, my garden {my once gardens}, my time to bake and create meals that take longer than 30 minutes then sitting down and actually enjoying them. better yet, having friends over to share it all with…when was the last time? sitting on the front porch sipping tea in quiet morning sun or wine in the evening with my spee. these are just a few things that to me make my life rich and full. not that these things happened every single day, but they happened, often.
the fact that both our younger daughters have been away for most of the entire summer has left me feeling completely unbalanced. i know their summers have been amazing opportunities filled with experiences that will last them a lifetime ~ and, i am truly grateful that each of them were able to have these incredible summers ~ but, i haven’t been with them and i’ve missed them.  gabriella is finally home and sophia comes home in a few days. which brings me to ~ my biggest girl’s wedding day fast approaching. one week from today. we’ve been planning, talking and taking care of the big things throughout the summer, but i made a promise to myself that all work would hault the week before and that we would spend that time creating all the little details that would make her day special and personal to her. i have been looking forward to spending this time with my daughter, whom i’m so proud of and i’m going to start crying right now…i want to sit and make things together, like we used to do when she was a little girl. it was our art time, fun time, mommy and big girl time. this time, it’s all for her one special day.

life has been good. not perfect, but very good. we are truly blessed and i am grateful every single day.

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July 31, 2010 - 3:33 pm

nancy - I love you and miss you, too.
I can totally relate to all the emotions you shared in this post.
2 wishes: (1) that this week is all that you hope for, and (2)
and that you continue to be as beautifully open hearted and grateful as you are today.

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