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{just lovely things} and just lovely mia PLUS a giveaway!

how lucky am i to be able to not only try out some of heather smith’s lovely creations from her shop {just.lovely.things} but to also be able to use my official muse, mia (it is official if not obvious) with nothing more than an “april, is mia busy this afternoon?” thank you mia for having such a wonderful, understanding and simply delightful mama.
to say that i get so much joy and creative fill when i am photographing this little girl is such an understatement. pure, sweetness mixed with a roxy spark makes for a wide range of emotions, moods and energy. on this day, mia slipped into a sweet, quiet role that fit both the headbands, the wardrobe and the settings. a natural actress this one is.
if you’re wondering about the wallpaper that you will see in the second set, let me first tell you that it is utterly and unbelievably beautiful. the first time i stood in this wonderful home and looked at that wall, i knew i would be back to shoot someone, something, anything against it. the wallpaper is handmade and available from karen combs’ company nama rococo. karen also just happens to be mia’s brilliantly creative aunt. i can tell you first hand, that these papers are incredibly gorgeous and immediately add joy to any room that they adorn. can you tell i am a fan? i am lucky enough to have been gifted a few fabulous pieces that now hang framed in my own home. love.

┬ámy ‘mission’ for this session was to use and review heather’s headbands for our february issue of lemonade and lenses. you can read my review and the other photographer’s reviews as well in the issue, but…i will tell you now it was quite favorable;)
thank you heather for sending some pretty, pretty pieces for us to use.

lovely mia and {just lovely headbands}

in honor of a few things involving our lemonade and lenses new website, our second issue and of course heather graciously sending her headbands for us to use,
we are giving two of her lovely headbands away! you can get all the details here
and to view our february issue just click on the magazine…

gigi and lexi

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February 7, 2012 - 8:07 pm

Deborah Carr - I feel so stupid…I’ve been away too long. I missed your great big new adventure! Congratulations Gina….this is what has been brewing for you. I’m delighted for you. How exciting!

BTW, the photos above? Purely you. Gifted.

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