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monday morning java {books for the creative mind}

i’m reading  the book ‘stroke of insight’ right now after seeing the author (jill bolte taylor) speak on
through a fb link earlier last week. it pretty much blew my mind.
what she has to share is worth reading about on so so many levels.
chase jarvis
recently shared jill’s book and 9 more on his blogpost
titled ‘required reading: 10 books to (re) charge the creative mind.’ it’s worth checking out.
i especially like what he says about so many books out there for the ‘creative types’ that focus on
the ‘how to do this and that’ and while those have their place, so do books that simply make us think.
or, for that matter, anything that simply makes us feel.
the results may very well lead to something creative and wonderful and completely unexpected.


happy reading


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