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sparky {52 strangers}

oh yeah…another stranger. and, yes, you see it right. a puppy. and, yes, it’s my blog so it counts!
while pehgi, nora and i were in columbus walking down the street on our way to our next location,
we passed this little guy just hanging out with his owner.
how could we not stop and take a few…after all, we had our cameras, right?
the one regret i have is that we didn’t get his owner’s name to send him a few picts of his sweet sweet puppy.
maybe we should post a sign? here’s my favorite one.



i named him sparky.

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September 4, 2009 - 6:52 pm

Ilene - I would have named him Sparky as well. You, however are a much better person than I am . If it had been me and his owner was no where to be seen, Sparky would be home with me now! 😉

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