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spring mini sessions {part three}

ok! i’m so sorry i’m just putting this last mini session up. i’ve been busy. really really busy. that’s great, right? yes. fantastico!
well, this is the last group from the spotted goose mini sessions and as i was looking over all the storyboards, i was reminded of how much fun
and how much energy, spirit, life these little ones have! wow! i loved every one of you and i see a sweet piece of everyone of you as i look through all the images from that incredible day;)

here’s sugar and spice…..and puppy dog tails.


payton was the baby of the whole group and what a little sweetie.


these two girls are as sweet on the inside as beautiful on the outside.
and, oh, those eyes!


marc had a smile for me the moment he walked in.


baby b with his saylor vest was totally into being in front of the camera…see.


leo and lou you may recognize from ‘the brothers‘ post back in sept.
proof positive of how much children change in a matter of months.
still as sassy as ever! love them!


well, that’s it for this, the spotted goose spring mini sessions!
grazie, merci, thank you to each and everyone that made this possible.

i’ve had so many inquiries about ‘will there be another one?’ the answer is probably, most likely, quite certainly. i just don’t know when, yet;)
keep checking back, perhaps around late fall…in time for christmas cards…hint hint.
grazie, merci, thank you to each and everyone that made this possible.
xoxo g.

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