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sunflowers {yes}

if you only knew how many people felt my pain when i blogged about missing the sunflowers this season (here).
there were ‘sightings’ and thoughtfully emailed photos and lots of…’well, there’s always next year!’
i had finally let it go and just accepted it.

a couple weeks ago, i was up near yellow springs and my friend amanda (whom i had shared my story with a few weeks back)
told me she had a friend, melissa, who knew of a big beautiful sunflower field near her home! really?
like, no kidding around, really? this late in the season? no way, i thought.
melissa and i talked, she was even sweet enough to drive back by to be sure they were still there. and… they were!
there were rows and rows of happy yellow faces.

les soleils


almost all…of my sunflower family.














i had just picked this umbrella up at a flea market.
sb had the good idea to bring it.
what a great guy!






love the hat, honey.


‘arise, beloved sunflower!
share your smile with me this hour;
sway and dance upon the breeze, fill my heart with gentle ease,
before you turn your brilliant face upon the sun’s golden gaze and trace his steps across the sky
as the adoring child of his eye.

around me, spread your leaves and grow!
converse with me so that i may;
how you came upon this place to fill my days with humble grace;

of the tiny sun’s that you disperse from your petaled universe,
that will journey before the day is done to find your won place in the sun.

before you turn your radiant crown to seek the one to whom you’re bound,
teach me the wisdom that sparks the glow of these splendid miracles that shine below.’
~soaring spirit


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September 28, 2009 - 8:47 pm

Pascale - Oh Sunflowers, Oh sunflowers, how I love thee! FANTASTIC shots of your beautiful family! I love that your husband lets you photograph him. Mine flat out refuses. And the “where’s waldo?” esque shot had me in stitches. GORGEOUS images, Gina.

September 28, 2009 - 8:50 pm

jess@studio3z - PERFECTO!!! so glad you got “your field!” 🙂 your family is precious.

September 28, 2009 - 9:26 pm

richard - one can ALWAYS count on ys. the pics are gorgeous.

September 28, 2009 - 9:53 pm

Tina - FABULOUS! Each one made me smile… The girls get more beautiful everyday and SB~ what a trouper!I’m so glad that you found your field of gold!

September 29, 2009 - 7:26 am

Nick B - Unbelievably beautiful and the flowers look good too,

September 29, 2009 - 7:48 am

Nat - Once again, I wish I was there. I can just smell the air!

September 29, 2009 - 12:54 pm

nancyillman - I can’t stand it – the setting, too wonderful – and the subjects, too beautiful!!! at least, rescue me from my sunflower envy and take me there ASAP!!! xoxo

November 5, 2009 - 3:00 pm

Amanda - Oh Gina, these are beyond beautiful! I’m so glad you made it down! It makes my heart smile!

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