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winter is my {stuck}

did i really just name this post…winter is my {stuck}.
i did and i promise it’s alright.

if you follow my bog, and thank you if you do, you will clearly notice an assortment of ‘projects’ showing up here for the last 8 weeks or so. there are a couple i haven’t added yet, they’ll show up soon enough. i usually have one or two ongoing, adding to as i can, or finding another i can’t live without. i love visual projects that revolve around photography and my interpretation. it is simply (outside of decorating, cooking and gardening) my thing. it’s a wonderful and much needed creative outlet that during the ‘season’ is challenging to keep up with.  at the end of ‘business’ this last year, i looked forward to a (greatly needed) break and being able to finish one, starting two, dabbling in another and now adding one more project with my daughter, lexi. last year was a most incredible year for my business and for me personally. but it was…very, very, very busy. nonstop kind of busy. the kind of busy where it was all i could do to stay on top of…my business. this is hard work. wonderful work, but hard work and you have to have the reserves to keep up. lots of my other loves and needs went to the sidelines. i have pages and pages filled with ideas for this business, newsletters i have put together, sketches of new garden and vegetable plots, walls brushed with colours and taped with fabrics i’m ‘trying out’ to see if i like, movies i’d love to see, dog eared books i want to finish (and start)…you get the picture. i’ve missed an entire sub generation of weeknight tv. i have no clue who or what anyone is talking about. where have i been? building my business. lovingly building my business. however, i must confess, i was so happy when the last order was picked up before the holidays and i was free…for a month or so. i let my shoulders down, thought about regrouping, breathing, working on some other things, finishing some other things. everything was going along perfectly fine until…the dreaded, awful feeling of being stuck came along…which brings me to a perfectly timed interview i listened to yesterday on creativity and rest and that was, for me, a much needed ‘hey, how i am feeling is ok.  i am allowed to be ‘stuck’ for a bit and need to refuel and have some down time creatively.’  any creative soul understands the unquenchable need to create in order to feel fulfilled. well, i love kelly’s answer to that and…”how our creativity isn’t linear – it’s cyclical.” you can listen to the entire interview on tara gentile’s wonderfully inspiring blog by her equally inspiring guest blogger kelly diels here.

so, now…it’s been a couple months since i’ve put together any kind of people shoot myself…i think i’m at the end of my needing a people break. on a whim, i asked one of my favorite people in the world, gabriella, if i could photograph her this afternoon.  it felt so good to be outside. the sun was low and it felt so wonderful on my face and to have to squint in it’s glow. it felt good to shoot, to be in control, to have a path and then veer off it because i saw a more interesting one. i needed this today in a big, huge, enormous way. winter may be my stuck, but it’s almost over and spring is my breath of fresh air.

sunshine and getting unstuck

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February 19, 2011 - 3:32 pm

Maya Laurent - Love all of these but really love that last shot. Just beautiful.

February 28, 2011 - 9:32 pm

.kat. - These portraits are GORGEOUS!
I love the soft, vintage processing
you did on the last set. I want
her coat! 😀

March 6, 2011 - 10:16 am

julie diller - gina,you have some really nice shots here.

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