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Paul & Carol . “Oh babe, what would you say…”

There is something incredibly beautiful about photographing a couple who have been together ‘for a while.’ There is a knowledge between them that only time can create. They feel each other. I believe they think of all the years of happiness, tears, laughter, sorrows, hugs… all of it, all of their days together in a split moment of looking at each other.  It’s on the surface, ever present. There is comfort and safety. There is depth.

Paul and Carol own this and how wonderful it was for me to witness it frame after frame and frame during our morning together of laughter, hugs, kisses, and tender moments.
Enduring love is a beautiful thing.

I asked Paul if there was a special saying, or song, between them that only they would know it’s meaning.
Paul’s response…”Oh babe, what would you say…” I can imagine an unending ways of finishing that sentence and the adventures those answers has led these two down.

Carol, you are BEAUTIFUL and your smile lights up the world.  Paul, you are so very loved. Both, blessed.
xoxo to the both of you.

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