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Paul & Carol . “Oh babe, what would you say…”

There is something incredibly beautiful about photographing a couple who have been together ‘for a while.’ There is a knowledge between them that only time can create. They feel each other. I believe they think of all the years of happiness, tears, laughter, sorrows, hugs… all of it, all of their days together in a split […]

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a gift in tuscantucky {a peek}

this session was a gift from heather to carolyn in celebration of her son, george henry, their lives and their family. come and meet the characters of what was a magical evening shared with family, old friends, new friends, great food, great wine and a house and piece of land that belongs in tuscany complete […]

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love {lexi and craig}

when my daughter, alexandra/alex/lexi, asked ‘me’ to do a photo shoot of ‘her’ i was happy and shocked…as my daughters are so over ‘me’ saying to ‘them’… let’s go and do some shooting…yeah, i’d love to…but…i’m really busy right now… …but i love you mom… so, needless to say, i jumped at it. she had […]

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