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welcome 2014 & doing what makes you happy

What do you want to do, be, change, fix, start, or end this year? A fair question at the beginning of this and every new year. How are you planning on getting there? Lists, goals, resolutions, business plans… I, myself, am a list maker and a dreamer.
I stopped all the resolution bother some years ago, too much stress. Besides, I like chocolate and hate the gym.
Long term goals are fine, and whereas i do believe it’s important to know where you want to go or what you’d like to become, i prefer to keep my options open. And, I don’t like the underlying feeling that i shouldn’t be satisfied or happy if i haven’t yet reached the goal, or in some respect i am less than until i reach the pot of gold. i rather enjoy the journey and the adventure of it all (yes, plenty of ups and downs over the years.)  i also prefer to frequently remind myself to be grateful for all that I do have, right now.

But then, what if you really wanted to get somewhere, be something, or do something different. how do you get to what/where you want? I read something this past week that closely echoed what my father told me many years ago, which was simply, ‘do what you love.’ The words that I came across, ‘keep doing what makes you happy,’ are only slightly different, in my opinion.

I will admit, that when it comes to creativity and business, I have been quite selfish as I have done what my father told me and I, in fact, do what makes me happy. It is the sole mindset that keeps me inspired, experimenting, learning, pushing, growing, and artistically happy. It’s a great feeling to create something from nothing more than an idea. A happy idea. I believe, that so long as you show up and keep going, things happen on your behalf, fall into place, and you find your way.

My wish for you this and every year is to follow your creative heart, surround yourself with inspiring people and things, do what makes you happy and you will end up doing what you love.

Bonne Nouvelle Année . 2014


these colors, this light, and this girl make me happy. so i put a little portrait session together in mon petit studio over the weekend. maybe they’ll turn into special sessions. who knows, regardless, i’m doing what i love so i know i’m on the right path.

MUA – Sofia Weathersby
Styling – Gina Weathersby

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