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11 {sophia}

today she is 11.
yesterday was the last day i will ever have a 10 year old.  this has always been a magical age to me.
i remember being 10 (even if some people question it;)
mostly, i remember each of my little girls being 10.  there’s just something about 10.  double digits, still little but not.
eyes still big, believing and fully trusting.  knowing just a whisper of things to come, but not too interested in all of it yet.
life still rolls easy, smiles and hugs and back scratches still come easy.  hanging out at home and with mom is still cool.
yesterday was sophia’s (my youngest) last day of being 10.  i reminded her of this every chance i could.
i made her stop for my camera every chance i could.
i reminded her it would be ‘different’ tomorrow.  she would be different.  in a good way, of course.
she was sure nothing would be so different. she stayed up until midnight and showed me she was still the same.
well, ok, of course!  but i know better.
10 is behind her.  behind me.  three 10’s…all done.
but i should be so thankful for all the days of 10 i got. and i am.
but still, holding on as long as i can… yesterday….






and now i have to be ready to go on to 11 too.
happy 11th birthday to you my sophitsamoo.



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March 16, 2009 - 5:24 am

Natalie - Beautiful pictures once again Gigi! Sophia is so beautiful! I love the hat! Don’t you wish we could just freeze them in time!

March 17, 2009 - 9:12 pm

jess@studio3z - almost in tears here…before I can blink I will be there too. she is just beautiful, and you captured her last day as 10/first as 11, just perfectly.

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