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a winter journey . piney green

here we are at week six in the ‘a winter journey project’
i have several ‘projects’ going on at the moment and i love them all!
i love trying to think way outside the norm on each and everyone of them.
no pressure, except the pressure i place on myself to push hard. no coasting allowed.
anyway, i hope i remember how to work when the time comes. for now, this is goodness.
week 6 . green and piney.
hmmm…i mean, when i think of green and piney, all i could think of was pine needles.
i did include them, but i stretched the category a tad. they are all green and have
a ‘stiffness’ to them. some are rounder and some are bigger. some are more broad
or spear shaped or curly. but they work, in my world.
i’m going with it.

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January 23, 2011 - 10:48 pm

marta - Love that you did these with the phone app! they look gorgeous and even more so that you stepped outside the box on “piney”

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