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love {lexi and craig}

when my daughter, alexandra/alex/lexi, asked ‘me’ to do a photo shoot of ‘her’
i was happy and shocked…as my daughters are so over ‘me’ saying to ‘them’…
let’s go and do some shooting…yeah, i’d love to…but…i’m really busy right now…
…but i love you mom…
so, needless to say, i jumped at it.
she had some pretty clear ideas of what she wanted, and of course, the second love of her life,
(first love=horses…seehorsey {girlspost)
craig, whom did i mention we just love to death, was going to be included in some.
while i was shooting the two of them, i felt that she had let me in a very sacred place in her teenage life,
one that i don’t think too many are allowed to enter.  there was so much love, fun and emotion and i wanted to capture
every moment possible…the same way i want to for anyone i ever photograph.
i have to be honest and say that this particular session was extra meaningful to me…
it also reminded me of why i love to do what i do so deeply and
why i know how important it is to have a visual record of moments that will never be again…
so that they can be visited and revisited again and again and forever.
here are lexi & lexi and craig…





when did my little girl grow up?


i love this one.


these are totally unscripted…
they’re just having fun.



this was definitely my idea…
…thanks for playing along;)



is all i can say…
and thank you alex.
you are so beautiful inside and out and
i am more proud of you than you can ever know.
i love you both.

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