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do something stupid, random & ludicrous {happenstance}

oh this is a good one, i promise. the movie is named ‘happenstance’ starring one of my favorite foreign actresses, audrey tautou.
this very intertwined story is about many twists of fate in our lives. simple but not so simple, in fact.
there is a scene in a park where one of the actors is trying to ‘decide what to do’ based on something that is about to happen….an observer instinctively sees this and asks another man to purposely miss a shot. here are the observers comments afterwards…(too too wonderful):

“we’ve altered the course of fate like a grain of sand that jams works.
you must take me for an old nut who talks a lot of rat.
maybe so.
you’re partly right but only partly.
listen to me, there’s not a gesture even the most insignificant, that can’t change the world.  That man there decided to lie to his mistress like he lied to his wife on the simple toss of a pebble.
you see, every detail, every gesture as slight as it many be, reveals an infinity of truths and thus has an endless repercussion and grandiose effects.
you may only have to piss in the sea to make the ocean rise.
don’t they say the beating of a butterfly’s wings over the atlantic can cause a hurricane in the pacific?
so feel free sometimes to do something stupid, random & ludicrous.  that stupid, random & ludicrous act can upset the order of the world.”

oh i love foreign films!  here is the opening scene:

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