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hello 2009

a sweet hello


and so it’s here for the next 365 days.
a new year.
new beginnings, adventures, discoveries..let it all in!
i have a new word for this new year though i came across it almost 2 years ago.
i’m borrowing it from elizabeth gilbert who wrote the book ‘eat, pray, love’
(a must read)
the word is {attraversiamo} and i love saying it!
the formal italian translation is ‘let us cross over’
i’m ready to cross over into all new possibilities.
this year i don’t want to just {write down} ‘resolutions’
don’t get me wrong, i think it’s sooo important to set goals…after all, you have to know where it is
you want to be, right?  unless, of course, your goal is to wander aimlessly…no, thank you very much.
this year i want real goodness that i can touch and hold and attain.
i’m ready to {attraverisamo}, are you?
let’s do it!
let’s cross over and make the most of what we can be…no matter what!
we welcome 2009.

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