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‘m’ is for do it yourself

i have three daughters and well, i think god gave me what i was supposed to have. i luv little girls.
not that i don’t love little boys.
i love my nephews and i adore my new son (in law) but
the truth is, i am a girlie mom.
from their girlie pink rooms, tutu’s, and all things little girls,
we’ve moved on to blackboard walls, buddhas, more jeans and shoes and bags than i have,
to ‘mom, it’s my room, my look, my hair, i’m not a baby anymore’…and so on.
i love seeing them all grow into their own with their own unique talents and interests.
selfishly…i am even more excited that each of my daughters have shown an interest in, among other things i love,
i’m not even going to hide how happy that makes me.
they get art. all art. they know when they see something that speaks to them.
they appreciate and look for it. this makes my heart sing.

starting with alex (lexi) who has expanded her photography business from muddy paw photography
to include seniors, couples and models in her newly launched site
lexi vornberg photography
it’s unbelievable what she has accomplished in less than a year. her eye is sharp and thoughtful.
she completely inspires me to keep pushing the limits.
then there is gabriella who is taking a photography class at walnut this year.
film, darkroom, the works. this thrills me to no end.
i think that i was more excited when she showed me her first test strip and talked about loading film in the dark.
we have quit a few film cameras for her to use and her father thought the konica…what!
would be a good one for her to start with at school and then my canon ae1 at home.
i admit, i only wanted her to shoot with my canon as it was the first camera my father placed
in my hands and i had always planned to do the same with my children.
well, she’s shooting with both, which i suppose is fine…the best part is that she’s doing it.
and now sophia who asked to go out with gabriella and i yesterday for a photo shoot
revolving around a class assignment.
this time, however, she didn’t want to be in the shoot, she wanted to shoot with us. oh yeah!
so to my camera bag i went and set her up with my canon
{digital ~ easier for her to see what she’s getting immediately}
the only caveat i told her was that if she was going to shoot with us, she had to shoot manually.
she asked what that was. i told her she had to choose all your settings herself…m.
it took me all of 10 minutes to explain the basics and show her. she got it right away. a fast learner, that one.

so off we went into the late afternoon.
gabriella with her konica and my canon. me with my canon and holga. sophia with her canon.
it’s killing me to not post some of sophia’s images, but she wants to do a little editing in ps first. yeah, she said that.
as for gabriella’s, i’ll have to wait until she’s processed her film and we scan them in.
and my holga images will have to wait as well.
so, for this post, a few things that i saw with my 5d.

the sun was pretty amazing this evening

my girls at work…


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September 14, 2010 - 1:47 pm

Nat - Hey Gigi,
How wonderful. It is so great when your children follow thier dreams and even more wonderful when they are your dreams! I know it makes my heart smile everytime Tasha picks up a paintbrush!
It’s amazing that thier creativity can do so much for us!

September 14, 2010 - 8:57 pm

april who loves you - Ah Gina! These are fantastic. What great lives you are living over there. I love to see this creativity and confidence in action. Too cute for words!!

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