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max, chase & caroline {family session}

as soon as i walked up to the front door to meet with this family and saw
caroline’s little face, pouty lips and that smile, i knew immediately that i was going to love this session.
chase and his happy sweet little face was close by…caroline and chase, 18 month old twins,
checking out the lady who just came to their house.
caroline let me pick her up when we toured the house for a look-see.
there were so many beautiful images of max already gracing the walls of this beautiful home
and now it was caroline’s and chase’s turn.
i met 4 yr old max the day of our session and he was happy enough to show me what he was doing on the computer.
we talked a bit and then i asked him if he knew why i was there. he said to take pictures. i asked if that was ok?
he said yes.
lucky for me.

we started out upstairs. i had some loose ideas from my earlier visit,
but, as often happens, my little subjects have their own agendas.
part of their plan was to not face where the light was coming from. so, i had to pump up the iso and move fast.
i totally roll with it. it is after all about them, right here, right now.
this session is a great example of just following and capturing what is happening.
i love this approach, very day in a life and real.

{i might have a lot of images posted}

i had some ideas here too…

but…let’s go outside, instead.

i never ever promise the perfect family shot…i do give it a try, believe me, but i much prefer to let
families hang out with each other and have fun rather than line everyone up. that’s just me.
i love the results.

barb wanted to use an image of all three children for her holiday cards.
it was so fun (for me) to stand back and watch mom, dad and grandmom try to keep the
three of them in one place at one time!

i love all their little faces.

max is a sweet sweet big brother and those blue eyes!

chase and his little man hat.

a little friend passed by on the other side of the fence.
i couldn’t get enough of caroline’s little self trying so hard to look through the slats.
{i almost took her home with me}

thank you barb for asking me to document this place and time in your children’s lives.
it was truly my pleasure.

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March 29, 2010 - 6:11 pm

Pascale - So incredibly sweet! I adore the pouty little lips and all the different REAL expressions you were able to capture by just going with the flow. Fantastic job as always, Gina.

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