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holiday mini session . josie & lucy

our holiday mini sessions (yes, i am only now posting these) were simply magical…
utterly due to the wonderful families.
{the fact that the weather was unbelievably perfect and the location, turpin farm, was unreal were great perks too!}
i’m amazed how well children (even older children) do when walking into these mini sessions,
everyone meeting for the first time and for only 20 minutes-ish!
i remind my families to not make a big deal out of getting pictures done to the kids,
to just let them know that we’ll be talking, hanging out, laughing and yeah, taking a picture or two…but that
it’s really about a fun, laid back time together and we’ll see where it goes.
that’s fine, but i know how it is and i know just meeting someone new let alone having them stare
and point a camera in your face can be a lot for some children (big people included.)
so, i try to be prepared and do what.ever it takes to
make a child (or person) relax and just be. so far, so good.
i have been truly blessed with the most incredible children to photograph.
i really couldn’t ask for more than the purest of personalities they offer up.
pretty darn cool in my book.

i also love to see the completely different personalities among siblings, especially girls….having three daughters myself.
i’ll let you guess which is the more reserved, contemplative, quietly observant one and which who
views the world as her stage…

first up
josie and lucy

i read somewhere that our photographic memories are never razor sharp, but rather soft.

mama and her girls

i love story boards…it is after all, a story
here is one i put together for this set.

there are just some shots during a shoot that make me swoon

and miss lucy..


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March 7, 2010 - 6:43 pm

Deborah Carr - Gina, these are amazing photographs…I wonder how these images will change the ways these little girls see themselves…and what confidence these will bring into their young lives.

And I wonder someday, years and years and years into the future, will they look back on these images and remember the joy of being a princess in front of the camera…the heartstrings of sisterhood and the love of a beautiful mother.

You have given them more than a photo…you’ve given them a memory marker.

I wish I had a sister…

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