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monday morning {java}

from as far back as i can remember, i can hear my farther telling me to be sure to…do what i love in life.
i have to say, i think i’ve held to that pretty well. by accident or not, i’ve been lucky to do things in my life that i have genuinely liked and loved. thank you dad.

a few years ago, i did dip my toes in another professional arena, just to see. my first clue that it might not be a natural fit…it was not a creative arena. at least not in my world of creativity. but, i gave it a try and gave it my all.
i did have fun spending hours and hours thinking up all kinds of creative/graphic/brochure/design/
photography type things. trouble was, that wasn’t really helping me grow that business in the way it needed to be grown.
one of those ideas was to post an article/share/photo/quote…
something inspiring to start the week off with a little kick start. i named it monday morning java.
i never did put it in place as the other profession naturally ran it’s course. honestly, i didn’t love it. it wasn’t me. ever.

i still sit and think of all kinds of ways to be creative with my business,
but now i’m right where i belong and loving what i do.
monday morning java? no worries, you have a new home. right here.

sometimes you may be have to dip your toes a little here and there to find out what it is you really love without losing what you ‘think’ you should be holding on to.
so, here’s to dipping toes, for if we don’t try, we would never know.




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August 29, 2011 - 8:39 am

ilene - Now THIS java is strong enough for me 😉

August 31, 2011 - 12:21 pm

Anne - thank you for sharing this g! and i am very happy for you that you are right where you want to be 🙂

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