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stepping back and {looking forward}


v. e·volved, e·volv·ing, e·volves

1. a. To develop or achieve gradually: evolve a style of one’s own.

b. To work (something) out; devise: “the schemes he evolved to line his purse” (S.J. Perelman).

1. To undergo gradual change; develop.
it’s happened. the quiet whispers way back in my brain (and heart) have become not so quiet mutterings that have lead to long discussions ending with the realization of wanting/needing to make changes in my business. all art {all life} evolves. it must and i believe it’s good.  it’s limiting to think that what fulfills us creatively today will do the same tomorrow.
i’m excited about the new possibilities, goals, projects, people and yes, even the unknown parts this next year holds. if all goes well, i will be going down the two roads i truly want to go down in my business. after testing the possibilities for almost 3 years, i know where my passions lie, or lay (i’m always confused by that one.) funny, they are not too far off of what they were from the time i was a teenager, maybe with a small twist.
so, what is changing? well, first, a big one…i’m giving up my sweet little studio. yes, it’s true. i believe you have to make room in life for change and this is one way i am. i’m mostly going to miss the back part of the studio, the one i started in. the teal floors, the tiny courtyard, the little client meetings i had back there and the little shoots too. everything was ‘little’ back there. it was perfect for me and my business then. i haven’t been able to use that space or the front studio the way i wanted or envisioned all year. so, time to move on and leave it to others who will love it.  there will still be a ‘kiwi street studios’ and i will continue to shoot and post sessions that i am working on, but they may seam a bit random at times. actually, i think they have been kind of random for a while now…if the truth be told. it’s all good. i want some time and i’m taking it. i just want to make pictures. spee loves it when i say that…he says, ‘so, you just want to make art?’ uhm..yes. is there something wrong with that? ‘no, of course not. are people still paying for this art/your pictures?’ uhm…maybe. yes, sometimes yes, sometimes maybe not. ‘oh. ok then. will it make you happy?’ yes. ‘well, good. if you’re happy, then i’m happy too.’ i love that man…and what a smart man he is.
so…i know this post may sound kind of cryptic as i’m not spilling all the beans, but i will, over time. that’s part of the stepping back thing. bottom line, i feel good. i can breathe, i feel free and with no constraints and i like that. i think that may have something to do with being a Sagittarius. in fact, i’m pretty darn sure it does. so, here i go…throwing a little bit to the wind and i’m loving it.
thank you gabriella for standing there on the shore of Mackinac this summer looking out to wherever you were looking, thinking whatever you were thinking. i remember the feeling i had when i took this. i loved the look on your face. so determined, so open to whatever might be. that family trip, by the way, made for some of my most dearest memories of us together as a family i will ever have.  i can still feel the wind, smell the water and feel the possibilities, and, i feel sure that this is what i’m supposed to be doing right now.

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November 25, 2011 - 12:55 pm

Lindsay - This is perfect. Yes, change is good and what helps us grow both professionally and personally. I’m excited for you on this journey. Thank you for always reminding me how to live life to the fullest and take risks.

November 28, 2011 - 10:40 am

gina - thank you lindsay. it IS a journey we are all on…so let’s at the very least, have some fun!

November 28, 2011 - 10:20 pm

Deborah Carr - And of course, I can’t wait to see where your life leads you. Although, I must admit that I simply fell in love with the photos of your studio space when you posted the eons ago. Much love to you and anticipation for what comes next.

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