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the little details around our house…

make me happy…
even though i have been in the process of shedding, reducing, minimizing {really, all words for purging} for quite a while now. i am constantly asking myself ~  how did this happen and where did all this stuff come from? i’ve made lots of progress and i have found there is much i can easily live without. but, there is also a truth here. it’s this…i like things around me that remind me of where i’ve been, where my family has been and that make me smile. i have tried to go the minimalist route. it’s just not me. i know, of course, it’s the people that make life what it is, but i love that i can sit anywhere in my house and my eyes will pick out little and big things that remind me of our journey, our story. that comforts me, it makes me happy and grounds me.

i’ve also noticed how my tastes change drastically from season to season. as i walked around our house today, my eyes were drawn to warm, mellow colors. i’m sure if i put these boards together in the summer, they would be completely different, yet, all from and in the same home.


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November 1, 2011 - 7:44 am

Deborah Carr - Thank you for these small glimpses of you, as seen through your special place in the world.

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