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twelve days of christmas {twelve}

yup, i jumped all the way up to twelve. i did post one image each day on kiwi’s facebook page but only the first three here on my blog.  i thought i would wait until the last day (today) and post the entire finished board instead.
anyway, i love looking at images this way. how they relate to one another. the colors, the compositions, it’s so much more interesting. a little story…board;)
i’m also very happy i started this when i did so that the last day would not be on christmas day. i want to be with my family 100% of the entire day. actually, i want to be with my family 100% more often. something that i am wholeheartedly working on for this next year. a huge priority to me these days.

for now, i wish all of you the very happiest and blessed of holidays.

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