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twenty-six on friday {a day in my life}

i think it would be safe to say that i am ~in no uncertain terms~ addicted to my iphone camera and a few favorite apps. why? because it’s always with me and i use it more than i’ve ever used another camera. why? because it’s small, unobtrusive and i can quickly and simply record what i see~immediately. this week’s theme has snuck up on me…and a few others, it seams;) i knew i could look through my iphone photos and find more than enough images that would honestly portray {a day in my life}.  so as i look through the folders, i am smiling because i am truly blessed.
i had intended on posting a small collage of {a day in my life}, but true to life, things ‘happen’ on their own terms and their own time. tonight, out of the blue, sophia asked me to comb out her dreads. yes, out. of. the. blue. considering the 6 months+ of pleading, notes, pictures, bribes and power points on the subject~and my finally agreeing. tonight, she has decided she is over them. we are starting slow as this will be a painful process for both of us. a half hour, a half a bottle of conditioner and a very sore scalp. enough for tonight. this, my friends, is  just another moment of just another day in my life….and i am blessed.

be sure to go through our circle. from here, see what the always uber creative kara of kara may photography has done.

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May 25, 2012 - 11:20 am

Kara May - Oh Gina, I love this post!!! The iPhone ROCKS with photos. I love your compilation. So perfect for this week. Your daughter is a doll and it cracks me up that she begged for dreads and now is done. Okay, so it’s not so funny now, but she’ll laugh soon that she changed her mind so quickly. She carries them amazingly what a cool mom to let her experiment with her creativity. Awesome post!!

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