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My Afternoon with Clara

Yes, the branches outside are finally sprouting with the flowering buds of SPRING. So, why am I posting a session that was clearly taken back in the fall? A little behind or not, how could I not share the images from Clara’s session.

Bright, spunky, engaging, curious, playful, sweet and beautiful. Just Clara, me, and her three year old world.
My Afternoon with Clara






Fathers & Daughters {Nick and Ruthie)

There are certain sessions that fill my heart more than others simply because I can directly relate to them. This session falls into that category as I am a daughter, and a daddy’s girl.
I was fortunate enough to call the first man in my life father, hero, rock, mentor, confidant, and friend. he believed in me which made me believe in myself. he shared with me priceless gifts of love, time, attention, family, and foundations. I cherish the memories I have of my father, and I wish so much he was still here with me~in person. What is always with me are my memories of him and, of course, the photographs I have of him.
Most especially the ones of he and I together.

I realize the photographic subject of fathers and daughters is far from a new one, but it is special. So special that I want to photograph sessions for this specific pairing. Plus, a little deeper ~ words about being a father, about being a daughter. Thoughts that mark life, as they are happening right now, in each of their eyes and hearts.

I photographed Nick and Ruthie a couple months back. First, let me just say, what a BEAUTIFUL baby this little Ruthie is. Both Nick and Lindsay have been graced far beyond words.
I caught little moments of their lives as they were happening on this day. Ultimately, I wanted to end up with one portrait that particularly stood out for Nick that would be printed on beautiful art paper, and framed. His letter to Ruthie to accompany it. Images to relive and words to reread of a moment in time of their lives together.

Nick & Ruthie
January 22, 2014





The Portrait.


The Words.

Here is my letter to a baby…


The simple act of addressing a letter to the future you (current you) brings about unchartered emotions and countless questions. After a full year with you in this house there has been one question echoing in my head louder than the others- what could we have possibly done to deserve you? 

You have brought such joy to your parents and everyone that has encountered your contagious energy. As you enter your second year, I find myself naturally thinking less about the days nine months ago when you fit in the palm of my hand and more about those days that are still years off. While I have no doubt that your relentless cuteness will likely continue and very well may never let up, I do have great doubts about what the future holds. I question how I am going to possibly say all the right things, teach all the hard lessons, and be there every time I should between now and ‘those days.’ How will I make sure you know how much respect you deserve and to always respect the people around you? What if you don’t buy the concept that ‘everything happens for a reason’ when something really goes wrong? How do I make sure you ALWAYS want to hug me no matter who is watching? Will you understand that sitting with the lonely girl is more important than following the popular one? How will I inspire you to try new things- like sushi and jumping in lakes? How can I possibly make sure that you are always happy in this life you have ahead of you?

What I think I need to accept is that there will always be a sea of questions without answers. I hope and pray that instead of having every answer, I have the strength to lead by example and always keep you comfortable and close to me. Lean on me, my girl, and know that every word I utter to you (though you may not always like them) will always be the one that I know in my heart you need to hear. 

I cannot wait for the tears we will cry together, and the laughs that we will share and the memories that lie before us. You are truly a gift from God and nothing in this world can change that. No matter what life throws at you, there will always be a place for you in my arms. 

I love you more than you’ll ever know and am yours forever,



welcome 2014 & doing what makes you happy

What do you want to do, be, change, fix, start, or end this year? A fair question at the beginning of this and every new year. How are you planning on getting there? Lists, goals, resolutions, business plans… I, myself, am a list maker and a dreamer.
I stopped all the resolution bother some years ago, too much stress. Besides, I like chocolate and hate the gym.
Long term goals are fine, and whereas i do believe it’s important to know where you want to go or what you’d like to become, i prefer to keep my options open. And, I don’t like the underlying feeling that i shouldn’t be satisfied or happy if i haven’t yet reached the goal, or in some respect i am less than until i reach the pot of gold. i rather enjoy the journey and the adventure of it all (yes, plenty of ups and downs over the years.)  i also prefer to frequently remind myself to be grateful for all that I do have, right now.

But then, what if you really wanted to get somewhere, be something, or do something different. how do you get to what/where you want? I read something this past week that closely echoed what my father told me many years ago, which was simply, ‘do what you love.’ The words that I came across, ‘keep doing what makes you happy,’ are only slightly different, in my opinion.

I will admit, that when it comes to creativity and business, I have been quite selfish as I have done what my father told me and I, in fact, do what makes me happy. It is the sole mindset that keeps me inspired, experimenting, learning, pushing, growing, and artistically happy. It’s a great feeling to create something from nothing more than an idea. A happy idea. I believe, that so long as you show up and keep going, things happen on your behalf, fall into place, and you find your way.

My wish for you this and every year is to follow your creative heart, surround yourself with inspiring people and things, do what makes you happy and you will end up doing what you love.

Bonne Nouvelle Année . 2014


these colors, this light, and this girl make me happy. so i put a little portrait session together in mon petit studio over the weekend. maybe they’ll turn into special sessions. who knows, regardless, i’m doing what i love so i know i’m on the right path.

MUA – Sofia Weathersby
Styling – Gina Weathersby

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