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an afternoon with {rachel}

recently, my biggest girl has gotten the itch to give ‘film’ a go. she was the last of my three girls to shoot with it, so i was extra excited to be there with her on her first time out. (mamma-thing.)
so, a few weeks back, we met up on a creative outing. she brought our model (the beautiful rachel), the dress, and the film, i brought the film cameras (my first canon at-1, and a contax rts, both 35mm) and the coral lipstick.
we both brought our digital camera’s ~ for good measure.

here are a handful of my images of rachel from that day ~ both film and digital. can you tell which is which?

film . canon at-1
kodak portra 160
indie film lab
digital . canon 5d
location: greenfield plant farm
dress:  ruche
model: rachel

June 18, 2013 - 2:21 pm

Stacey - Absolutely gorgeous!!!! <3

Paul & Carol . “Oh babe, what would you say…”

There is something incredibly beautiful about photographing a couple who have been together ‘for a while.’ There is a knowledge between them that only time can create. They feel each other. I believe they think of all the years of happiness, tears, laughter, sorrows, hugs… all of it, all of their days together in a split moment of looking at each other.  It’s on the surface, ever present. There is comfort and safety. There is depth.

Paul and Carol own this and how wonderful it was for me to witness it frame after frame and frame during our morning together of laughter, hugs, kisses, and tender moments.
Enduring love is a beautiful thing.

I asked Paul if there was a special saying, or song, between them that only they would know it’s meaning.
Paul’s response…”Oh babe, what would you say…” I can imagine an unending ways of finishing that sentence and the adventures those answers has led these two down.

Carol, you are BEAUTIFUL and your smile lights up the world.  Paul, you are so very loved. Both, blessed.
xoxo to the both of you.

{click on the image below to see their album}


looking {back}

there must be an automated clock of some kind in me as this is the time of year that i instinctively look over what kind of work i’ve produced over the past year. i evaluate and compare what i intended to do and what i ended up creating. i didn’t have too much to look back through portrait-wise from this past year as my time was spent {you know where.} still, i always find it interesting to see where my work is headed compared to where it’s been. this first photo of gabriella and my niece tasha caught my eye while i was in our sitting room earlier today and it compelled me to go back and look through the original files from that session from about 4 years back.

right away, a few things were sorely obvious to me.
one. i shot with more abandon.
two. i engaged light more freely.
three. boy, i was into titling my camera a lot more!

to this day, my subject matter is still so similar to what it was when i was 15, 16, 17…shooting my little sister in my bedroom with a sheet hanging up over my closet doors behind her, window light coming in from the other side of  the room, dressing her, fixing her hair and makeup and both telling her what to do and then just catching her in-betweens. i’m most naturally drawn to people, and usually with a little bit of drama. for those of you who know how much i love photographing children, that came into play much, much later…but even then, i do love the images that are a bit on the moodier side.

this session made me think of my ‘much earlier work’ and so i pulled out some of my film sessions from back in the day. i’ve scanned an image here and there, but now i’m compelled to scan more of it. i wonder ~ if you didn’t know ~ would you guess think they were from me. interesting?

for today, here is miss gabriella after i dressed her up, fixed her hair and makeup, sometimes telling her what to do and other times, just catching her in-betweens. {i can’t believe she was only 14}


lexi and i went out to a snow dappled field with this girl for a creative outing. lexi told me she was fun and easy to work with…i’d say fabulous was more like it.
sarah, you are a snow princess. xo


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March 3, 2013 - 9:13 am

April - Fun and easy to work with? She must have been freezing yet she has that sweet relaxed look on her face. I’d call her a gorgeous superstar. What beautiful shots, as usual, from the uber-Gina. You are so glorious.