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piano girl

over the weekend (i hate to admit) i was ‘briefly’ in a pitiful place…
then out of nowhere the most beautiful melodic music
made it’s way through my fog filling up every part of my mind and soul with pure joy.
oh…the piano…oh, the piano and little girls…
oh, sophia and her piano.
sophia has just started composing and i can’t even begin to describe how beautiful
(have i already used that word, beautiful) her music is.
i grabbed my camera in hopes of capturing this small moment of saving grace,
our lives, her life, her music, her piano, her joy, her little fingers,
her innocence and pureness……forever.
i never ever want to forget today.












oh sophia, you always have a way of reminding me of what is truly important.
thank you for sharing your {beautiful} music.

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December 23, 2008 - 1:10 pm

Pehgi - I love piano girl! Capturing this magical moment so eloquently, the ambiance – I can almost hear the music. Also, you have great ability to compose a linear design element such as the keyboard quite nicely. This a very different serious side to the little sprite you capture so energetically on previous shoot. What depth you pull out of her! Bravo!!! Encore!!

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