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design aglow {featured in}

what started out as such a nice morning got even sweeter as i read this email:

Hello from Design Aglow,
Thank you for entering our recent posing contest.
After receiving  over 1,000 entries, we have selected one of your images to be featured  in our new guide,
Inspire Me Cards: A Creative Posing Guide for  Brides.

Featured on Design Aglow

The very very best part…it’s an image of my own daughter, lexi, from this session.
happy on two fronts at the moment.

 thank you to both my beautiful lexi and our fabulous make up artist kelly-ledford-weidus.

for anyone who isn’t aware of what design aglow is…they are a fabulous resource to photographers,
check them out here.
to grab your own set of the bridal posing guide, go here.

happiness times two.

July 14, 2011 - 5:15 pm

Anne - that is GREAT NEWS! congrats gina!

July 22, 2011 - 1:38 am

Deborah Carr - What wonderful news for you! Congratulations Gina. Of course, you are my very favourite photographer and if I decided to marry my sweetheart of 25 years {again}, I would certainly call on you to make me beautiful.

lexi {very mini bridal session}

 my daughter, lexi, got married almost one year ago ~ august 7th to be exact.
her wedding was perfect…to her, to me…it was a magical day.
{we’re still waiting for her to go though all the images and get an album put together}

as happens all too often, the schedule that day got away from us and we didn’t have enough time
to shoot a few things. one being lexi’s bridal portraits. no worries, we were all pretty laid back about it.
we agreed that we would shoot them soon after the wedding and that would also give her time to
decide how she wanted them done. she had her own ideas and it involved horses.
soon after…turned into months and months. so it goes.

lexi loves horses and has been riding/showing since she was 8 years old.
it was a huge, wonderful part of her life for almost 12 years and she wanted to incorporate it into her session.
she no longer has a horse of her own, but asked her good friend, sarah,
if she could come out to the stable and ride her beautiful horse, whimsey.
we had planned for a few hours and a few locations. i had a car and rolling basket full of goodies to use.
our friend and fabulous make up artist kelly ledford-weidus of cincimakeup on location
had done a beautiful job on lexi’s make up…
we were ready to go.

well, who could have guessed that whimsey would be afraid of lexi’s wedding dress.
he was spooked by the sound and movement of it.
sadly, there would be no riding bareback or any of the other horse related ideas we had.
the closest she was able to get to whimsey was standing next to him…so long as she moved slowly.
again, so it goes.

 it was time to move on to the next location and the rest of the session, but…wait,
what did my daughter just mutter? ‘it’s so hot, i’m so tired.’
alright, i give her that~ it was hot. ok, it was really hot and she was in her wedding dress. it was hot.
but, really? you’re what? done? enter the…’i can’t believe this is happening again’ comments from me.

i pushed. we did manage to drive to one more location…for a very brief few minutes.
we were done.
once again, so it goes.

still, any day that i get to spend with my beautiful girl taking pictures (or not)
is a good day in my book.

lexi thanking whimsey.

my absolute favorite from the day…and a hint…
you will see this image somewhere else very soon.

a great location.
i would have loved to explore some more.
maybe another time.

this is the second time i’ve made a bouquet for a bridal session.
i love making them. so much fun!

thank you sarah and whimsey.


July 14, 2011 - 7:33 am

Rachael - These are lovely! I love the first one and the ones of her in the barn. So pretty.

July 14, 2011 - 7:52 am

ilene - Absolutely magnificent.

July 14, 2011 - 8:38 am

Renee - Wow!! These are gorgeous. Love her kissing the horse, such a neat little moment. Your bouquet abilities are out of this world–it was stunning! If Lexi ever wants to do something new, she could be a model!

a new, separate {foodie} blog

i. am. so. excited.
i have been thinking about this side of my photography business for quite some time now.
cooking, styling and shooting.
no agenda, just doing it because i love it. not really sure where it’s going, but do i really need to?
i’ve been showing bits and pieces here on this blog,
but now
i want to give it a home of it’s very own.
i hope you stop by sometime.

in case anyone is wondering…
yes…i am still photographing people too!








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