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twelve days of christmas {twelve}

yup, i jumped all the way up to twelve. i did post one image each day on kiwi’s facebook page but only the first three here on my blog.  i thought i would wait until the last day (today) and post the entire finished board instead.
anyway, i love looking at images this way. how they relate to one another. the colors, the compositions, it’s so much more interesting. a little story…board;)
i’m also very happy i started this when i did so that the last day would not be on christmas day. i want to be with my family 100% of the entire day. actually, i want to be with my family 100% more often. something that i am wholeheartedly working on for this next year. a huge priority to me these days.

for now, i wish all of you the very happiest and blessed of holidays.

513{eats} holiday issue

i am so excited about this! i’ve talked openly for quite a while now about my love of photographing food. little did i know what would come of it. i already had my foodie blog here, so why add another? because i could;)
i love the twist on this one…tying in all the food and lifestyle delights that reside in our own 513…and, maybe a little outside our state lines from time to time.
i’m happy to introduce 513{eats} and our very first online issue…our 2011 holiday gazette!
i hope you enjoy seeing and reading about the holiday cheer that we saw and experienced in the last two weeks!
that’s right. we put this all together in two weeks!
thank you to all the people, places and businesses that invited us in to visit, taste, ask questions and photograph.
of course, i did and could not have done this alone. i am so grateful to have the most creative friends collaborate on this with me. thank you ilene ross, nora martini and anne see.
you are all so wonderful and i am so blessed.

happy holidays and please welcome 513{eats}!

January 6, 2012 - 4:06 pm

pehgi - Oh – my – word, a visual feast for the eyes while simply teasing the palette!!
This is a fantastic and magnificent undertaking!!! Wow Gina I can’t believe this beautiful gorgeous magazine in digital format.
I’m at a loss for words. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You guys should be so proud of yourselves. Its just stunning. Really!!
Beautiful work. Just beautiful!
I am amazed and inspired by your talents. Really fantastic.
Happy New Year!!