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jd {jonathan christopher fighter turkelton dorian the first vornberg} if you’re a fan of scrubs, you’ll get it.
jd belongs to lexi and craig.  he’s their first venture into caring for something ‘substantial’…together.
i’m happy to see that my daughter’s maternal instinct has announced herself loud and clear and without any resistance whatsoever.
i’m even happier that (for now) it’s for a puppy;)
sweet face, puppy breath, endless curiosity, happy happy happy.

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almost makes me want a puppy…. a.l.m.o.s.t.

February 18, 2009 - 9:54 pm

Nat - He’s so freakin cute.

my funny {valentine}

i am in the middle of scanning and archiving all of our family photos, a job i appointed myself to a few years back (no one argued).
let me just say, my father loved to take pictures, lots and lots of pictures…hmmm…and i love going through them one at a time looking
for any little detail or moment i may have missed the 10,000th time before. i never tire of this.
these moments of our family mean the world to me.  they make me smile, laugh, bow my head, and even cry.  i’m forever thankful for what they say.
there is one that i looked for on purpose today as i thought it would make a perfect valentine’s day card for my mom
from my dad if he were still alive.
it’s of my mom,  many years ago in greece.  my mom is still beautiful, but, wow, i think she was amazingly beautiful then.
obviously so did my dad;)
happy valentine’s day mom, love dad.


think pink photography

I am so proud to share a wonderful organization that i just became a part of:


Introducing Think Pink Photography!
Celebrating Life, Supporting the Cause

Kiwi Street Studios is excited to announce a new partnership with Think Pink Photography. Founded in October 2007 by Ohio Photographer, Tennille King, Think Pink Photography strives to help breast cancer survivors and their families celebrate life with charitable photography sessions. Individuals may choose to document their fight against the disease before or during treatment, or prefer to capture their victory with a session after treatment is completed. Photographers world-wide are now available to donate time and talent to celebrate life and support the cause. There is no cost or obligation to the breast cancer patient.

Think Pink Photography is a non-profit organization. Any profits Think Pink Photography receives through donations or various fund raising efforts are donated to the Eric R. Beverly Family Foundation – a foundation dedicated to promoting education, increasing awareness, and providing support and assistance to families that have been touched by breast cancer.

Clients participating in a Think Pink Session will receive a complimentary photo session, as well as 20 finished prints from the session. They will also receive a discount off of any additional portraits they wish to purchase, although there is absolutely no purchase required at any time.
I am very proud to be joining forces with Think Pink Photography, and am anxious to get the word out about this amazing program. For more information, you can contact me, or you can visit the Think Pink Photography website at:


on a personal note…
my mother is a breast cancer survivor of 11 years.
i was in awe of the courage, strength and the unwavering faith she kept during her months of treatment and uncertainty.
she taught me more about love, family and life when i could barely admit to myself what was happening.
my mom is a survivor.
my mom is a giver.
my mom continues to teach me much…and i’m a willing student.
i am so grateful for her.
being a part of this organization is a way for me to help bring awareness, respect, and hopefully some light into someone’s journey.
i am proud to be a giver.

if you or if you know of anyone who may benefit from this service, please contact me at:

websites and blogs {new}

it is finally here!
no more…coming soon…but here now!!!
kiwi street studios website is l.i.v.e—-yes!!!
did you notice anything else new…hmmm…go ahead…take a minute….

yeah, right!  a new blog too!!!  a more ‘kiwi street’ feeling kind of blog!
wow, that’s a lot of goodness and newness for me. my head is spinning (in a good way)
i hope you like;)
here’s a wordless wednesday, even though i’m full of words right now!


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February 4, 2009 - 11:08 am

Julie - Awww, congrats on the new site and blog! Everything looks terrific! It’s so….you! (Hahaha…I don’t know you, but I can get a really good feel of your style here.)
Wishing you great success with all your fresh stuff out there!

February 4, 2009 - 11:42 am

robbie - hiya,
thanks for email, i’m so glad i got a chance to look at this today! very inspiring work; you’ve done a great job with the site and blog 🙂

February 7, 2009 - 11:06 am

holly rouse - hello, facebook friend! i am simply head over heals in love with how you’ve designed this beautiful, fantaistic blog–love the fonts, the textures, the colors–oh, and the drop dead gorgeous photography. basically, i have a crush on you and your “brand.”

i envy your talent, but in the nicest, warmest way possible

February 8, 2009 - 3:23 pm

Jennifer W - Hi Gina!!! LOVE the blog and the website! Congrats!! Hope you come home soon to take beautiful pictures of my kids 🙂

February 10, 2009 - 9:06 am

Denise - Love your site!

Wonderful work, (or should I say play)

March 8, 2009 - 3:42 pm

deanna - gina this is so you, you capture great moments in every photo
your talent is amazing! the website looks great…Congrats!