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lens babies {teen session}

i obviously can’t get enough of my lens baby this week.
no excuses.  i love it, love it, love it!
oh, and yes, the images are ‘supposed’ to be a little out of focus)
i did bring some other lenses, but i kept thinking…just a few more with this one…a few more…
anyway…on a whim we headed out..and let me just say, these girls were troopers, it was cold as #!*% outside today!
we did find some shelter at the always hip and happening coffee emporium downtown.  the rest of the time, we drove until we saw something fun,
hopped out, got to work and ran back to the car for warmth!
our first stop was…you guessed, a tire store;)


i’ve been eyeing these doors for a while…i guess today was the day, although it was like a wind tunnel,
so we may have to return on a calmer day for more.


next!  some fun walls for some fun girls!


now indoors for some warmth, lattes and goodies
for miss sylvie…


and miss gabriella…


now i’ll let my lens baby rest {maybe}.

February 24, 2009 - 10:00 am

Julie - oooh, i love these! i’ve been wanting a lens baby for…FOREVER! it looks like so much fun…definitely something to save up for. these pictures are so much fun!

52 {strangers}

ok.  there is a story behind this one, and even though i didn’t approach her,
she was still technically a ‘stranger’ so she counts!
and btw, ‘she’ is may.



while pehgi was shooting me during our creative outings day at the krohn…
i looked up and saw this beautiful woman looking over me (i was laying where you see her now),
who then immediately jumped in and helped ‘style’ our shoot!
in a matter of seconds she was totally in charge, rearranging my body parts, choosing angles and having us over for dinner to meet all her friends!!!
this is right out of a movie i’m telling you.
well, when we were finished with me, ‘may’ took my place in the blue shiny tumbled glass and said,
“it’s my turn!  make me look beautiful!”
how could we deny her!
well, i hope may thinks her ‘turn’ turned out beautiful.
so, may officially started out a complete stranger and ended up a new number on my cell phone.
you gotta luv it.

wonderland meets morroco {creative outings}

yes…it was time for another creative outing…
pehgi chose our own krohn conservatory as the setting for our little folly.
we had our own ideas, but little did we know what goodies awaited us!
we had no clue that the theme they have set up now is moroccan…
all kinds of colourful, textural things for us to play with.
so, come with us on a little adventure from wonderland to morroco…






















الحياة إن كامل من فاجأ
(loosely translated…life is full of surprises)

August 16, 2010 - 1:06 pm

Deborah Carr - All I can say is ‘wow’.

quiet moments

today is just one of those quiet days.
quiet in the way that everything seams muffled, just a little, so that you can actually hear your thoughts.
it feels like it should be gray outside.  a good reason to stay inside and nestle into a cushy chair…blanket, feet up, the whole thing.
only…it’s sunny and if i look outside, there’s lots going on.
but, today, i prefer to stay right here…inside… just thinking and listening.
i’ve been thinking, a lot, about where my photography is leading me.  for the first time in a long while, there are
many options in front of me.  good, good options.  i have my plans, but i’m pleased to see that ‘life’ has built some
of her own plans in there too.  good plans, some i didn’t even consider.  she’s good like that.
i’m sitting here thinking how fortunate and grateful i am.
lucky…to have been given a gift that i love and that brings joy to others.
…to have a loving and over the top supportive family for whom i am forever grateful for and am nothing without.
…to have a burning desire to give others something that means so much to me…moments that can be revisited and relived time and time again.
…for all who have allowed me to share these gifts.
…for the surprises that still await me.
i am so grateful.

gabby came into my office and sat on the window seat.  i wonder what {she was thinking}.





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February 18, 2009 - 9:53 pm

Nat - Wow Gigi, real! I love it.

February 19, 2010 - 12:29 am

Virginia - So beautiful! You have such a gift to catch the magic in those moments we tend to let drift by without really noticing.